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RMIT Interpreting students connect to class by video

RMIT University delivers interpreting classes by video conference to students based in Shepparton.


For the first time in Australia, interpreting students at Melbourne’s RMIT University can be connected to lectures by video conference. This collaboration between RMIT, InterpeterLine and authorised video conference partner, Videolink International, allows them to fully participate in class.


Prior to this year, interpreting and translating students would have had to travel to Melbourne to complete their qualifications with RMIT University. High definition, enterprise-grade video conference equipment is proving to be a valuable link between regionally based-students and their lecturers. Several groups of new migrants are being settled in regional cities and towns, highlighting the need for qualified and trained interpreters to facilitate their settlement process.


An industry qualification minimum, the video conference connection ensures an effective delivery of their qualification’s lectures. With technological advancements the video conference systems (Polycom and Cisco) provided by IntepreterLine‘s partner, Videolink International, enable a clear visual without the time lags and pixellations of previous decade’s systems.  In addition, the regionally-based students gain the added benefit of becoming experienced with this increasingly-used communication tool.


WATCH: Sedat Mulayim (Discipline Head, Interpreting and Translating department, RMIT University) discusses why connecting regional students is critical to culturally and linguistically diverse communities.


Our parent service’s (All Graduates) formalised memorandum of understanding with RMIT University lends itself to a close working relationship with Discipline Head, Interpreting and Translating department, Sedat Mulayim. The engagement of students outside of the Melbourne metropolitan area for interpreting and translating, has been an objective of the department for several years. Interpreting class by video is now a reality.


Click on the link / image below to view Sedat Mulayim discuss the value of this collaborative project.

Interpreting students videolinked to class at Australia’s RMIT University


Interpreting class by video

RMIT University Discipline Head, Sedat Mulayim shares the value of InterpreterLine video conferencing for his interpreting students

[Recorded demonstration] Watch the Shepparton-based RMIT University Interpreting class connect by video to their lecturer at the Melbourne campus.


Click here to watch RMIT University interpreting students in Shepparton connect with their lecturer by videolink.


InterpreterLine is the telephone and video interpreting specialist division of All Graduates Interpreting and Translating Services.


Click here to read about our partnership with RMIT established in 2011.

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